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Geography today is probably not what you think.  Geography is a high-tech discipline which examines the science of place and space on the earth.  Geographers look at human and physical elements on the earth and wonder why they are located where they are, how they differ from place to place, and how humans interact with and shape the natural world.  There are two main branches of geography:  physical geography and human geography.  Physical geographers study the natural systems of the earth and how they impact, and are impacted by, humans.  Human geographers examine the spatial expressions of people.  A third and very important area in geography is Geographic Information Science (GISc).  GISc comprises a series of tools and techniques, such as geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing, global positioning systems (GPS), and cartography.  These tools and techniques are used by physical and human geographers to study and understand the complex spatial patterns of the earth.

Our BA program offers you four distinct tracks to customize your education and focus on the areas that meet your future goals. We now offer a new BS GISc degree.

Majors & Minors

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Geography: Globalization and Regional Geography Major (B.A)

Geography: Environmental Systems and Sustainability Major (B.A.)

Geography: Planning and Developing Major (B.A.)

Geographic Information Science: Environmental Science and Policy Major (B.S.)

Geographic Information Science: Economic Geography and Business (B.S.)

Geographic Information Science: Planning and Policy (B.S.)

Environmental Resource Management (B.A)


Geography Minor

Program Certificates:

Certificate--Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Cartography

Certificate--Crime Mapping and Analysis