College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Dr. Bingqing Liang and her team received the NSF MRI grant to support interdisciplinary research

Posted on Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018

Drs. Bingqing Liang, Andrey Petrov, James Dietrich, Maureen Clayton (Biology) and Mark Sherrard (Biology) received a $77,601 Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to purchase a portable Hyperspectral Imaging (HI) instrument for both laboratory- and field-based research. The FieldSpec® 4 Spectroradiometer instrument will enable: 1) the best possible approach to calibrate and validate laboratory, aerial, and satellite remote sensing images; 2) rapid, accurate, and cost-effective spectral measurements whenever and wherever it is required; and 3) development of hyperspectral signature libraries for different materials from laboratory and field settings with new approaches. Specifically, this device will provide new knowledge discovery in the science of Hyperspectral Imaging in many core interdisciplinary research areas including image processing, geomorphology/mineralogy analysis, urban and road surface materials mapping, the Arctic environments and cryosphere monitoring, plant physiology estimation, and water quality assessment, which will benefit the training of students and allow for interdisciplinary research.