College of Social and Behavioral Sciences



Funding Opportunities:

Graduate Assistantships:

The Department has a limited number of Graduate teaching and research Assistantships available for qualifying graduate students.

For the 2021-2022 academic year, the Geography Graduate Assistantship full-time salary is $14,376 and half-time salary is $7,188.

Non-resident Graduate Assistants with at least a half-time appointment for an entire semester will receive tuition billed at the resident rate.

February 1 is the application deadline for full consideration for Fall admission. Late applications may be considered pending availability of funds.

  • Spring admissions are only considered in extreme circumstances. Please contact the Graduate Coordinator before applying for spring admission.
Graduate College Tuition Scholarships:

Qualifying graduate students can apply for the Graduate College Tuition Scholarship. The department makes every effort (not guaranteed) to provide students with an assistantship a matching scholarship. 

The application can be found on the Graduate College website. Review instructions on the document on how to submit the scholarship application:

The policies and procedures relating to assistantships and scholarships can be found in our Graduate Handbook.


GA Position Descriptions:

Click here for more information on the RA;

Click here for more information on the TA;

Conference Travel Funding:

Graduate students can typically apply for annual conference travel funds ($700-900) and research funds through the UNI Intercollegiate Academic Fund, Graduate College and College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. In addition, there are often other project-specific sources for student travel.