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Patrick Pease

  • Geography

    Other Faculty - Associate Provost for Academic Affairs and Professor of Geography


    I am a geomorphologist and my interests are primarily rooted in empirical field studies that have addressed topics in process geomorphology, paleoenvironmental reconstruction, and landscape development. Within this broad context my research revolves around two themes; 1) the movement of sediment through geomorphic environments, techniques for determining sediment movement, and what those data elucidate about the developmental history of a landscape, and 2) landscape evolution on a large scale and how landscape development is tied to regional events. Much of my research has involved the study of sediment transported by aeolian processes and the use of geochemical techniques to aid in understanding sediment sources and sinks. In spite of these basic themes, I find myself interested in many different aspects of geomorphology and have worked on a number of project in fluvial and karst environment.


    Ph.D. Texas A&M University
    M.A. Indiana State University
    B.S. Indiana State University

    Research Interests

    Aeolian and Coastal Geomorphology, Paleo-Environmental Reconstruction, Karst and Desert Landscapes

    Teaching Interests

    Geomorphology, Natural Hazards, Physical Geography, Research Methods

    Selected Publications

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