College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Lisa Tabor

  • Geography, Social Science and History Education

    Faculty - Assistant Professor of Geography Education/Social Science Education


    Lisa Tabor is an Assistant Professor of Geography and Social Science Education at the University of Northern Iowa. She teaches both geography and secondary social studies education classes and she loves it. Lisa mainly does research in geography education, emphasizing geospatial skills and teaching climate change but is always open to a good opportunity outside of her specialty. Her students are the primary focus of what Lisa does and she cares deeply about classroom culture; creativity and reality drives her educational philosophy. When not teaching or reading and writing the literature, she is daydreaming, doing yoga, or playing with her beloved dog.    


    PhD Curriculum and Instruction – Kansas State University, 2016

    MA in Geography – Kansas State University, 2011

    BA in Spanish and International Studies – Kansas State University, 2006

    Courses Taught

    World Geography

    Digital Earth

    Climate Change and Social Justice

    Methods of Teaching Secondary Social Studies

    Professional Seminar

    Research Methods in Geography

    History, Philosophy, and the Nature of Geographic Thought

    Research Interests

    Geographic Education + GIS Education

    Climate Change + Climate Change Education

    Social Science Education + STEM Education

    Research Methods + Interdisciplinary Studies

    Selected Publications

    2020    Millsaps, Lisa, Larsen, Thomas, Curtis, Mary, and Monakhova, Maria.  Geography Education and the Borderlands: Using a Marginalized Discipline to Teach about the Margins.  In Walter and Fuerst-Bjelis (Eds.), Globalization, Marginalization and Conflict - Political, Economic and Social Processes, in press.  New York: Springer. 

    2018    Baker, Thomas, Curtis, Mary, and Millsaps, Lisa.  GeoTechnologies and the Spatial Citizen.  In Shin and Bednarz (Eds.), Spatial Citizenship Education: Citizenship through Geography, pgs. 117-131. New York: Routledge.

    2018    Larsen, Thomas, Millsaps, Lisa, Harrington, John, Jr., and Lefferd, Rhonda.  Learning Progressions in Geography: What Teachers Need to Know.  The Geography Teacher, Vol. 15, No. 2: 55-67. 

    2018    Eichhorst, Jean and Tabor, Lisa K.  Climate Science Language in US Secondary School Student Textbooks, 2002-2012.  In Brunn (Ed.), The Changing World Language Map, pgs. 1-18.  New York: Springer.

    2017    Millsaps, Lisa Tabor and Harrington, John, Jr.  A Time-Sensitive Framework for Including Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Professional Development Activities for Classroom Teachers.  Journal of Geography, Vol. 116, No. 4: 152-164.