College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Alex Oberle

  • Geography, Social Science and History Education

    Faculty - Associate Professor of Geography


    Urban Geography, GIS/Geotechniques, Immigration, Geography Education


    Ph.D. Arizona State University
    M.A. University of Missouri
    B.A. University of Northern Colorado

    Courses Taught

    GEOG 2101 North American Cities

    GEOG 2310 GIS I

    GEOG 4170 Regional Analysis and Planning

    GEOG 1110 World Geography

    GEOG 1120 Human Geography

    HUM 3123 Latin America

    GEOG 4560 Professional Seminar

    GEOG 6000 Graduate Colloquium

    Research Interests

    --Geography Education--

    GIS/Geospatial Technologies and spatial thinking in education

    Internationalizing teacher education

    Geographic inquiry

    --Urban/Ethnic Geography--

    Latino urban settlement in the U.S.

    Financial integration of recent immigrants

    Immigration related urban redevelopment

    Teaching Interests

    Urban Geography

    Geographic Information Systems

    Climate Action Planning

    Human Geography

    Latin America


    Journal of Geography (Associate Editor); Geographic Alliance of Iowa (Coordinator/Director); National Geographic Society, Committee for Research and Exploration Reviewers Circle (Grant Reviewer); Iowa Department of Education, Social Studies Advisory Committee (Member)

    Selected Publications

    --Recent Peer-Reviewed Articles and Book Chapters--

    Oberle, Alex, Fabián Araya Palacios, Ximena Cortés, and Mollie Ullestad.  2015.  “Developing a Binational Geography Curriculum in Sustainability”.  The Geography Teacher.  12:3, 108-117.

    Arreola, Daniel and Alex Oberle.  2015.  "Mexican Americans".  In Contemporary Ethnic Geographies in America, 2nd Edition, ed. Christopher Airriess.  Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield.

    Oberle, Alex. 2015. “The Latino Commercial Landscape and Changing Hispanic Immigrant Population in Two Midwestern Metropolitan Areas”. In The Housing and Economic Experiences of Immigrants in North American Cities, eds. Carlos Teixeira and Wei Li.  Toronto, ON: University of Toronto Press.

    Li, Wei, Lucia Lo, and Alex Oberle.  2014. “The Embeddedness of Bank Branch Networks in Immigrant Gateways". The Canadian Geographer.  58(1) 48-62.

    Brysch, Carmen, Richard Boehm, Brenda Barr, Cheryl A. Frazier, Jessie Hong, David Lambert, Alex Oberle, Jackie Waite.  2013.  “Teacher Leaders as Active Agents in Online Professional Development: The Learning Cluster Method”.  Research in Geographic Education, 59-70. 

    Oberle, Alex and Fabián Araya Palacios. 2012. “Developing standards-based geography curricular materials from overseas field experiences for K-12 teachers” Journal of Geography.  111:6, 245-253

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    Oberle, Alex.  2006.  “Phoenix’s Hispanic business landscape: Latino outposts on the Anglo suburban frontier” In Landscapes of the Ethnic Economy, eds. David Kaplan and Wei Li.  Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield.