Lisa Tabor

Associate Professor of Geography Education/Social Science Education

Lisa Tabor
(319) 273-7343

Lisa Tabor

Associate Professor of Geography Education/Social Science Education


PhD Curriculum and Instruction – Kansas State University, 2016

MA in Geography – Kansas State University, 2011

BA in Spanish and International Studies – Kansas State University, 2006

Research Interests

Geographic Education + GIS Education

Climate Change + Climate Change Education

Social Science Education + STEM Education

Research Methods + Interdisciplinary Studies

Professional Accomplishments

2020    Millsaps, Lisa, Larsen, Thomas, Curtis, Mary, and Monakhova, Maria.  Geography Education and the Borderlands: Using a Marginalized Discipline to Teach about the Margins.  In Walter and Fuerst-Bjelis (Eds.), Globalization, Marginalization and Conflict - Political, Economic and Social Processes, in press.  New York: Springer. 

2018    Baker, Thomas, Curtis, Mary, and Millsaps, Lisa.  GeoTechnologies and the Spatial Citizen.  In Shin and Bednarz (Eds.), Spatial Citizenship Education: Citizenship through Geography, pgs. 117-131. New York: Routledge.

2018    Larsen, Thomas, Millsaps, Lisa, Harrington, John, Jr., and Lefferd, Rhonda.  Learning Progressions in Geography: What Teachers Need to Know.  The Geography Teacher, Vol. 15, No. 2: 55-67. 

2018    Eichhorst, Jean and Tabor, Lisa K.  Climate Science Language in US Secondary School Student Textbooks, 2002-2012.  In Brunn (Ed.), The Changing World Language Map, pgs. 1-18.  New York: Springer.

2017    Millsaps, Lisa Tabor and Harrington, John, Jr.  A Time-Sensitive Framework for Including Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Professional Development Activities for Classroom Teachers.  Journal of Geography, Vol. 116, No. 4: 152-164.