John DeGroote

Director of GeoTREE

Instructor of Geography

John DeGroote

ITTC 214

(319) 273-6158

John DeGroote

Director of GeoTREE

Instructor of Geography


BS Geography, University of Iowa
MS Natural Resources, University of Wisconsin Stevens Point

Teaching Interests

Geographic Information Systems and Science
GIS Programming
Web Mapping

Research Interests

Application of geospatial technologies across a wide range of disciplines. Integrating GIScience undergraduate education with applied real-world project opportunities. 

Recently Funded Projects

Modeling Solar Radiation Potential and Urban Heat Utilizing Mobile Sensors and Topographic Data (Iowa Energy Center, Competitive Grant Program, PI, 2021 - Present)

Integration of the Google Earth Engine Cloud-based Scientific Data & Analysis Platform across UNI Geography Department Geospatial Technology Courses (Iowa Space Grant Consortium, Curriculum Development Program, PI, 2019 - 2020)

Principal Investigator, Year 3: Iowa National Hydrography Database Conflation, January 1, 2020  – December 31, 2020, Iowa Department of Natural Resources. 

Principal Investigator: Impervious Layer Development Services, City of Madison, WI. May – December 2020.

Principal Investigator: Development of dynamic 360° imagery and video virtual resources for Prairie on Farms and Integrated Roadside Vegetation Management programs, Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship

Professional Accomplishments

Recent Publications

Petrov, A. N., Welford, M., Golosov, N.*, DeGroote, J., Devlin, M., Degai, T., & Savelyev, A. 2021. Lessons on COVID-19 from Indigenous communities of the Arctic. Nature Medicine 

Petrov AN, Welford, Golosov N, DeGroote J, Devlin M, Degai T, Savelyev A. 2021. The ‘Second Wave’ of the COVID-19 Pandemic in the Arctic: Regional and Temporal Dynamics. International Journal of Circumpolar Health, Accepted.

Petrov AN, Welford, Golosov N, DeGroote J, Degai T, Savelyev A. 2020. Spatiotemporal dynamics of the COVID-19 pandemic in the arctic: early data and emerging trends. International Journal of Circumpolar Health 79(1).

Masrur A, Petrov AN, DeGroote J. 2018. Circumpolar spatio-temporal patterns and contributing climatic factors of wildfire activity in the Arctic tundra from 2001-2015.  Environmental Research Letters 13(2018) 014019. 

DeGroote JP, Sugumaran R, Ecker M. 2014. Landscape, demographic, and climatic associations with human West Nile virus occurrence regionally in 2012 in the United States of America. Geospatial Health 9(1):153-158.