J. Henry Owusu

Professor Emeritus

J. Henry Owusu

Professor Emeritus


Ph. D. 1993: University of Iowa — Geography (Regional Development)

M.A. 1990: University of Iowa — Geography (Regional Development)

M.S. 1980: Indiana University of Pennsylvania — Geography & Regional Planning

B.A. 1977: University of Science & Technology, Ghana — Economics/Geography

Teaching Interests
  • Human Geography

  •  Economic Geography

  • Cultural Geography 

  • Regional Geography -- African Development

  • Non-Western Cultures – Africa

  • Geography of Economic Development

Research Interests
  • Conflict and Cooperation among the Riparian Countries of the Volta River Basin in West Africa.

  • Industrialization (Formal & Informal Sectors) and Development in Sub-Saharan Africa;

  • Decentralization, Local livelihoods and Sustainable Forest Management in Sub-Saharan Africa;

  • Political Economy of Regional Development;

  • Third World/International Development and Policy;

  • Tropical Timber Trade, The Environment and Development in Sub-Saharan Africa;

  • Regional Economic Restructuring;

  • The Role of the Human Factor in Third World Development;

  • Globalization;

Professional Accomplishments
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