Dennis Dahms

Affiliate Research Professor

Dennis Dahms

ITTC 215

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Dennis Dahms

Affiliate Research Professor

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Ph.D-University of Kansas
MA-University of Colorado
MA-University of Missouri
BJ-University of Missouri.

Research Interests

Quaternary climate change, stratigraphy, and geochronology. Quaternary of the U.S. Rocky Mountain region. Specialty in the history and dynamics of glaciation in the southern and middle Rocky Mountains, the greater Yellowstone region and the Wind River Range of Wyoming.

The recent geological past offers a means to evaluate the range of natural climate variability and provides a detailed record of the manner in which earth systems respond to extreme forcing (glacial periods). We require careful stratigraphic studies combined with proxy data and a reliable geochronology to evaluate this record and integrate it into our climate models. Research involves field observation with a number of relative and numeric age-techniques to provide accurate proxy records of past environmental change, concentrating on the mid-to-late Pleistocene record found in alpine regions of the western United States. Much of my research involves combining relative-age techniques [soil development, lichenometry, geomorphology] with numeric age analyses to solve problems of glacial stratigraphy. An ongoing theme of my work also involves describing the variability of soils developed across different-aged glacial landscapes as an attempt to refine the use of soil development as a relative-age technique.

Current research activities: ● Mid-to-late Pleistocene glacial stratigraphy of the Wind River Range, Wyoming and the Rocky Mountain region and relations to Neogene global and regional climate change ● Late Pleistocene record of climate change and relations to ENSO-like cycles in lake sediments from two alpine lakes in the Wind River Range ● Correlation among post-Last Glacial Maximum glacial/climatic sequences of the US Rocky Mountain and southeastern and central Alps of Switzerland ● Recent collaborators: Markus Egli, University of Zurich (Switzerland); Christian Mavris, University of Zurich; Christoph Geiss, Trinity College; Anders Noren, National Lacustrine Core Laboratory (University of Minnesota); Peter Birkeland, University of Colorado (ret).

Professional Accomplishments

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