College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Journal of Contemporary Ethnography

Posted on Friday, June 10th, 2016

The Journal of Contemporary Ethnography (JCE), edited by faculty in the Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminology, announces the publication of a special issue: Constructing a Color Line in the Twenty-first Century.

Marybeth Stalp, associate professor, and Carissa Froyum, assistant professor, edit the JCE, a flagship journal in the scientific study of cultures and societies. Established in 1972, the journal has more than 1,990 institutional subscribersand and provides online access to almost 5,000 academic institutions around the world.

The current issue of the Journal of Contemporary Ehtnography is available online, along with an introduction by editors Stalp and Froyum. 

Other articles include

Exotica: The Deployment of Intersecting Binaries: Kristen Myers
“Not Out to Start a Revolution”: Race, Gender, and Emotional Restraint among Black University men: Amy Wilkins
The Two Different Worlds of Black and White Fraternity Men: Visibility and Accountability as Mechanisms of Privilege: Rashawn Ray and Jason A. Rosow
Black Guys and White Guise: The Discursive Construction of White Masculinity: Matthew W. Hughey, Kristen Myers

JCE podcasts are also available on the journal's web site.