College of Social and Behavioral Sciences


sabin hall

The main building for the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences is Sabin Hall, but our departments and programs are located throughout the campus.

Sabin Hall: Office of the Dean; Political Science; Social Work; Women's and Gender Studies; Public Policy; the Center for Violence Prevention; and the Creative Life Resource Center

Bartlett Hall:  Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminology; Psychology

Center for Educational Technology: Center for Social and Behavioral Research

Innovative Teaching and Technology Center: Geography

Latham Hall: School of Applied Human Sciences

Seerley Hall: History

West Gym: Military Science


Or, if you're looking for a particular program, here's where to find it:

Anthropology: 1126 Bartlett Hall

Counseling: 235 Latham Hall

Criminology: 1126 Bartlett Hall

Dean's Office: 319 Sabin Hall

Family Studies: 235 Latham Hall

Geography: 205 Innovative Teaching and Technology Center (ITTC)

Gerontology: 235 Latham Hall

History: 319 Seerley Hall

Interior Design: 235 Latham Hall

Military Science and Army ROTC: 203 West Gym

Political Science: 335 Sabin Hall

Psychology: 1078 Bartlett Hall

Public Policy: 309 Sabin Hall

Social Science Teaching: 319 Seerley Hall

Social Work: 235 Sabin Hall

Sociology: 1126 Bartlett Hall

Textiles and Apparel: 235 Latham Hall

Women's and Gender Studies: 225 Sabin Hall