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College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Diversity in the CSBS Curriculum

Many CSBS courses have components that deal with diversity issues.  The courses listed below are examples of regularly scheduled classes that deal substantially with diversity issues, but this is not an exhaustive list. Please check the catalogue for additional courses and schedules:  

Social Work
American Racial and Ethnic Minorities
Working with Racial and Ethnic Minorities
Minority Group Relations
Social Services for the Aged
Injustice and Oppression

African-American History
Indians in American History
United States Women's History
Modern European Women's History
In addition, the Department of History has ten upper-level courses, including courses that involve the history of Africa, Asia and Latin America in its curriculum, and is heavily involved in the delivery of LAC Non-Western courses.

School of Applied Human Sciences
Human Identity and Relationships
Family Relationships
Decision Making in Family Systems
Culture and Marriage
Violence in Intimate Relationships
Introduction to Interior Design
Design Foundations
History of Interiors I
Design II
Drafting II
Interior Design
Dress and Human Costume
Fashion Trend Analysis

Political Science
Introduction to Political Theory: Freedom, Justice and Power
Community Politics
American Politics
Civil Rights and Liberties
Human Rights
Politics of Latina America
African Politics
Politics of East Asia
 In addition, the Department of Political Science is heavily involved in the delivery of LAC Non-Western courses.

Human Geography
Cultural Geography
Population Geography
Regional Geography

Sociology, Anthropology and Criminology
Social Problems
Social Psychology
Sociology of Families
Immigration and Trans-nationalism
Men and Masculinities
Social Inequality
Sociology of Culture
Social Movements
Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective
Feminist Theories in the Social Sciences
Sociology of Religion
Social Change
Language and Culture
Youth Gangs
Police in Society
Crime and Punishment
Juvenile Delinquency
Crime and Social Inequality
Drugs, Crime and Society
Crime, Law and Justice: A Global Perspective
Human Origins
Culture, Nature and Society
Native North America
Native Central and South America
MesoAmerica and the Near East
Prehistory of the American Southwest
Human Biological Variation
Ritual and Symbolism 

Community Service/Experiental Learning
Psychology of Gender Differences
Psychology of Human Differences
Psychology and Law
Developmental Psychology
Cognitive Psychology