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College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

CSBS Strategic Plan

College of Social and Behavioral Sciencescampus in fall

Five-year Strategic Plan: 2010-2015

Vision:  We envision the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences making a vital intellectual contribution to the University of Northern Iowa through the collective efforts of a community of learners, composed of scholars, teachers, students, and supporting staff members.  This energetic and dynamic community rewards creativity, commitment, rigor, and risk-taking in classrooms, laboratories, research, service activities, and community engagement.  CSBS is inclusive by welcoming diverse ideas and identities; socially responsible by addressing issues of local, state, national, and international scale; and creative by exploring new fields and methods of inquiry.  The members of CSBS are committed both to expanding knowledge of core social and behavioral disciplines and of interdisciplinary perspectives within and beyond the college.  Active learning, high expectations, relevance, and innovation characterize the college as experienced by its members and as viewed from outside.

Read the CSBS Strategic Plan (updated May 2012)

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