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CSBS Student Research & Engagement Conference

Student Research & Engagement Conference

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Visitors are welcome to park for free in the UNI Multimodal Transportation Center (MMTC) located at 1215 West 23rd Street. Please contact in advance for coupon code. This code is for outside guests only (no students or faculty).


Students from across the state of Iowa are invited to participate in the annual INSPIRE Student Research & Engagement Conference, sponsored by the University of Northern Iowa's College of Social & Behavioral Sciences. 

The INSPIRE conference is an opportunity for Iowa students to showcase the wide array of experiential activities they participate in and outside of the classroom. Both undergraduate and graduate students are invited to participate and present research, internship/volunteer experiences, club activities and/or creative performances. Come share your work and help inspire fellow students, faculty and the UNI campus community!

Interested students: please be sure to review the Presentation Guidelines and coordinate your project presentation with a designated faculty advisor. Contact Helen Harton, conference coordinator, with any questions.



Poster or oral presentations on a research or scholarly project.

Volunteer/Internship Experiences:

Poster or oral presentations on a discipline-related volunteer, work, or internship experience (e.g., cooperative education, practicum, service learning, study abroad).

Club Activities:

Student clubs or groups may propose discipline-related activities (e.g., historical re-enactments, project demonstrations, informational workshops) for poster, oral, table, or other types of presentations/engagement.

Creative Performances:

Individuals or groups of students may do various creative performances, exhibits, or demonstrations (e.g., music, art, improv, dance).


2019 project submissions are closed.