College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

CSBS Student Research & Engagement Conference

Student Research & Engagement Conference

Conference Schedule Now Posted!

NEW FORMAT! Types of projects accepted include:

Research Projects:

Poster or oral presentations on a research or scholarly project.

Volunteer/Internship Experiences:

Poster or oral presentations on a discipline-related volunteer, work, or internship experience (e.g., cooperative education, practicum, service learning, study abroad).

Club Activities:

Student clubs or groups may propose discipline-related activities (e.g., historical re-enactments, project demonstrations, informational workshops) for poster, oral, table, or other types of presentations/engagement.

Creative Performances:

Individuals or groups of students may do various creative performances, exhibits, or demonstrations (e.g., music, art, improv, dance).

Submissions (title and short description) are due by March 23.

The project does not have to be complete by the submission date.

For questions or to suggest other types of presentations, please contact