College of Social and Behavioral Sciences


INSPIRE Student Research & Engagement Conference


Based on the campus-wide response to COVID-19, the INSPIRE conference has moved to an online and printed showcase of student work.

The deadline for abstracts has now passed.

Accepted projects can showcase presentations in two formats - we hope that you'll choose to do both. We're excited to see what you've been working on!

  1. Single 8.5 x 11 page in a printed proceedings. You can submit up to one page--this page could be your poster (if it's readable printed in that size), up to 3 PowerPoint slides (chosen from your oral presentation), or an executive summary of your project (again, up to one page, and you can include pictures if you like). Submit your single page for the printed proceeding.
    [Notice: there are separate folders for posters vs. presentations.]
  2. Online showcase in UNI ScholarWorksHere you can submit your poster, all your PowerPoint slides, handouts, a video of you presenting, whatever you want! More than one submission per presentation (e.g., slides and a video) is welcome. Submissions will be given a permanent, citable link. You'll also be asked to enter the title, abstract (you can update this from what you sent before if you like, or use the same one; 50-100 words, but going over a little is fine), and authors. You can choose different options for when the presentation is available as well as to whom it is available, so you might want to look over the form and talk it over with your faculty advisor on the project before you turn it in. Submit your materials.

The deadline for the above submissions has been updated to April 20 (midnight). If you need a little more time than that, contact, and we'll try to accommodate. We know things are tough right now, but we still want to celebrate and learn about your work!

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