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College of Social and Behavioral Sciences


Students who complete this minor and a teaching major will qualify for the Department of Education coaching endorsement. The endorsement is for grades K-12.However; this program does not qualify students to teach physical education any level. Students who complete this program and are not teaching majors will qualify for the Department of Education coaching authorization.



The Coaching Minor includes the following course work:


EDPSYCH 2030         Dynamics of Human Development                                        3 hrs.


AT 1018                      Prevention and Care for the Physically Active                                 2 hrs.



AT 1019                      Prevention and Care Laboratory (pre / corequisite AT 1018)         1 hr


PEMES 2024              Anatomy and Kinesiology                                                      3 hrs.


PEMES 2025              Conditioning Theory and Practice                                         2 hrs.


PEMES 3118              Practicum                                                                               1 hr.


PEMES 3122              Psycho-Social Aspects of Physical Activity & Sport             2 hrs.


PEMES 4217              Organization and Administration of Competitive Sports     2 hrs.



Electives of 4-6 hours needed from:


            PEMES 3101              Advanced Skill and Coaching Theory – Baseball – 2 hrs.

            PEMES 3102              Advanced Skill and Coaching Theory – Basketball – 3 hrs.

            PEMES 3104              Advanced Skill and Coaching Theory – Football – 3 hrs.

            PEMES 3107              Advanced Skill and Coaching Theory – Soccer – 2 hrs.

            PEMES 3108              Advanced Skill and Coaching Theory – Softball – 2 hrs.

            PEMES 3111              Advanced Skill and Coaching Theory – Track & Field – 2hrs        PEMES 3112              Advanced Skill and Coaching Theory – Volleyball – 2 hrs.

            PEMES 3113              Advanced Skill and Coaching Theory – Wrestling – 2 hrs.


                                                                                                                        20-22 hours


Note: Students in teaching majors will complete EDPSYCH 2030 within the Professional Education Program. PEMES 3118 (Practicum) must be completed before student teaching.


Coaching Authorization information on reverse side.


Coaching Authorization Information


The Iowa Department of Education has alternate programs for the coaching endorsement which was designed for licensed teachers who did not complete a Coaching Minor.


One alternate program must include the following:

  1. A.     A college or university course on human growth and development of children and youth as related to physical activity (UNI course: EDPSYCH 2030) (3hrs) {Dynamics}
  2. B.     A college or university course in structure and function of the human body as related to physical activity (UNI course: PREMES 2024(3hrs.) or PREMES 2025 (3 hrs.)
  3. C.     A college or university course in athletic conditioning, care and prevention of injuries and first aid as related to physical exercise. (UNI course: AT 1018 (2 hrs.)
  4. D.     A college or university course in the theory of coaching interscholastic athletics (UNI course: PREMES 3101-3113; offered in a variety of sports.) (2-3 hrs.)



If a student has all the coursework completed for the coaching endorsement at the time they graduate, UNI is able to notify the BOEE of that endorsement along with the initial licensure recommendation.  The student does not need to send transcripts and application to the BOEE or pay the $50 fee to add the endorsement.  They would only need to do this additional process if they are adding the endorsement after they have graduated and have been issued their initial license.


****Other alternate programs are run by local community colleges.

  • It consists of taking classes at nights during the week or over the weekends. This is the best alternative for students who want to coach and get paid while going to school.



***Effective September 1, 2002, all applicants renewing a coaching authorization must submit documentation of completion of the child and dependent adult abuse training approved by the state abuse education review panel.