Sustainability Certificate

Sustainability Certificate Information for Students

The certificate framework consists of a progression of classes (15 total hours) with one required course (3 hours), remaining courses are chosen by the student as electives. The required course provides a conceptual and theoretical framework for understanding how society addresses sustainability issues.

After taking the foundational course, the certificate offers a number of specialized content streams from which students may choose courses (12 total hours) pertinent to their personal goals and/or professional interests. Students select electives from one or more of the following content streams: natural and biological environments, mathematical and economic dimensions of sustainability, urban environments and technology, sustainable tourism and outdoor recreation, social, philosophical and political dimensions of sustainability, and teacher education in sustainability and environmental literacy

Both undergraduate and graduate students pursuing the Certificate in Sustainability must choose electives in consultation with a sustainability faculty advisor, with plan of study to be approved by the Certificate's faculty oversight committee. Students may seek approval from the committee to include alternative courses among their proposed electives.


Steps Needed for Earning the Certificate in Sustainability

  1. Sign up in your department using the ‘Declaration of Curriculum’ form to ADD the Program Certificate: Sustainability
  2. Take 1 Required + 4 Electives (must pick from at least 3 Content Streams) using your College Advisor’s guidance
  3. Write a summary reflection using the format that will be emailed to you by the Certificate Coordinator Prof. Betrabet​
  4. Submit list of courses taken and grades achieved along with Final Reflection to Prof. Betrabet

College Advisors

College of Humanities Arts and Sciences

David Grant 
Chad Heinzel
Mark Myers 
Angela Waseskuk 

College of Business

Wee Meng Eric Lee 
Alicia Rosburg 

College of Education

Leigh Zeitz
Catherine Zeman 

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Gowri Betrabet Gulwadi, Coordinator for Certificate