Sustainability Certificate Guidelines for Faculty

Get your course listed as an elective under the Certificate in Sustainability:

If you teach a course related to sustainability, please consider submitting your course to the Curriculum Committee for review and inclusion as an elective in the Certificate in Sustainability. To help the Curriculum Committee in their review, please send the following to

  • Syllabus for your course
  • A short statement about why you think your course is related to sustainability
  • Any relevant assignments
  • Any relevant grading rubrics

The Curriculum Committee reviews courses two times each year (October and February) using the linked rubric. Bi-annual course reviews help to create advising sheets for students or to update the catalog as necessary.

Curriculum Committee members:
Gowri Betrabet Gulwadi (Chair), Interior Design
Chad Heinzel, Earth and Environmental Sciences
Mark Myers, Biology
Alicia Rosburg, Economics

Share your expertise:

If you have expertise in any area related to sustainability and would like to provide guidance to or assist those teaching other classes listed in the Certificate, please reach out to Examples of potential contributions include, but are not limited to, site visit opportunities, a conference session, a potential guest speaker or a service-learning experience.