College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

About Us

A major in the social and behavioral sciences is the key to understanding the world.


The College of Social and Behavioral Sciences focuses on understanding how individuals, societies and cultures contribute to human development.

Our faculty and students focus on studying real world problems, from integrating immigrants in Iowa and the causes of war in Africa, to effective crime prevention strategies and how natural disasters impact communities. We have programs that address the structure and needs of families, the role of gender and race, globalization, and the history and politics of every region in the world.

Our professors are committed to outstanding teaching and have won the most university wide teaching awards on campus. We are committed to active learning through small classes, innovative teaching and diverse educational experiences such as internships, individual study projects, field experiences, experiential learning, and student research opportunities. Our departments offer the largest number of study abroad programs on campus, and CSBS has dozens of students studying abroad each semester. Our involvement in the Liberal Arts Core (LAC) demonstrates a strong commitment to the idea of a quality undergraduate education as the key to the formation of a well rounded individual.  At the same time, our faculties engage in world class research, receiving funding from government agencies such as the National Science Foundation, the Department of Justice, and the Fulbright Commission, as well as private foundations, and publish in the leading journals in their fields.

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319 Sabin Hall,

Cedar Falls, IA  50614-0403

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