College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Level 3

Guidelines for Level III Field Experience doing SOC SCI 4190

Teaching of Social Studies


General Description

A total of 36 hours distributed throughout the field experience week will be devoted to actually being in a secondary social studies classroom observing with focus questions to provide learning context, interacting with middle and high school students and teachers, and teaching with feedback and guidance.  You will teach one lesson multiple times or multiple lessons (2+) once in a secondary social studies classroom for at least 3 hours. You will also meet with the classroom teacher after your classroom teaching presentation to obtain his/her feedback on your teaching.  Ideally, your classroom teaching presentation will be videotaped so that you and your Field Experience coordinator can view it and provide feedback and reflection.                        



      The objectives of the field experience component are for you to:

  • Observe specific aspects related to teachers, students, learning, facilities, and the learning environment in secondary science classrooms.
  • Observe and interact with students and teachers in a secondary school
  • Construct and teach a lesson plan with feedback from your course instructor, classroom teacher, and secondary students.
  • Create a Field Experience Folder, a product that provides documentation of your professional teaching competencies.
  • Develop interpersonal relationships with classroom teachers and students,
  • Grow in self-confidence, responsibility, and accountability in the areas of communication, planning, preparation, teaching, and self-assessment.
  • Develop professionalism within the context of interacting with secondary social studies students and teachers.